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Want to increase your self-esteem and sense of well-being? Want to face the unknown with hope and confidence? Whether you ache for change but need help getting unstuck or are already in the midst of change, Susan can help you navigate through change with strength and resiliency.

Just as a football coach encourages his players and guides them in developing their natural talents and strengths, a life coach does these things in the personal arena. They help their clients manage their futures by encouraging them to follow their innate wisdom, coaxing them to see beyond their previous perceptions and introducing new skills that aim to enhance one’s quality of life and help them fulfill their fullest potential. This is accomplished by attentive listening, asking probing questions and other activities.

Located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, Evolutions Life Coaching offers a range of coaching packages and personal development workshops to help clients discover the most sacred part of themselves and build lives that reflect their true self.

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Featured Workshop

Discover Your Myth, Transform Your Life

Do you want to be free from the patterns of your past? By discovering the underlying mythology you’ve been living by, you will begin to see patterns and motifs that were previously hidden.  Viewing your life story as a mythological adventure will shift your awareness and beliefs. Through Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, we will explore the arch of your great myth….[more]

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