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Cant’ move on? It may be time to “own your stor...

Riddled with resentment? Overtaken by guilt? Drowning in grief? Is there something situation you just can’t seem to get past? You may need to own your story. This begs two questions: “What is my story?” and “How do I own it?” Yes, your story is what happened, but it is more than that. It is […]

Forgiveness- The Ultimate Act of Self-love

Forgiveness is touted as a worthy path by mainstream psychology and spiritual figures alike. Poets and physicians alike declare the benefits to the mind, body and soul, but just how does one forgive?   Recognize the value of forgiveness First, in case there is any doubt the value of forgiveness cannot be overstated. Countless studies […]

Love Your Past, But Don’t Romance it

I’m at a point where I need to do some looking back. Not in order to regret or lament, but because I need closure. I need to benefit from the bigger picture afforded by the passage of time and sort out truth from fiction. I need to practice a deeper level of forgiveness towards others […]