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Spiritual Coaching

Do you want to know your life’s purpose? Do you have outward success but still suffer an inner emptiness? Do you have spiritual yearnings but feel lost about where to start?

Spiritual Coaching does not promote any one ideology but instead helps the client to discover their unique spiritual path. Together we will explore your desire to deepen your connection with Divinity and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Emotional Wellness Coaching

Do you struggle with negative thoughts and habits? Would you like to feel free and happy, confident you can take care of yourself?

By creating a deeper connection with yourself you can begin to overcome the blocks to your emotional wellness. You can achieve inner peace and consistently practice self-care. By honoring your mind, body, and spirit you can intuitively know how to get your needs met and break the cycles that keep you down.

Transitions Coaching

Are you experiencing rapid change? Are at a juncture in your life or career and ready to embark on a new adventure?

I help clients navigate change with dignity and confidence. We will explore your core desires and strategize on making your transitions with ease my maintaining your core values.

Creativity Coaching

Are you pulled in every direction, leaving no time for your creative work? Do you struggle to resolve the part of you that yearns for creative expression with the voice that says it’s silly or selfish? I can help.

I help clients make life-design choices that honor their deepest values and creative intentions. Together we will discover what fuels your aliveness and what blocks you from your deepest desires.

Creativity is a way of life, that’s why I employ a holistic approach to my coaching. We will work together to ensure that the whole of your life honors your greatest intentions.

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