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This New Year’s Set Goals, Not Resolutions

With the new year just begun, it’s natural to think about our hopes for the future. However, I suggest that you do not make a resolution. Rather, consider setting goals for the new year instead. What’s the difference, you may ask? Goals leave room for forgiveness. Resolutions have an all-or-nothing element to them, once we […]

Finding Courage

“Who am I to lead a group discussion about overcoming fear?” I thought as drove towards Starbucks. I was full of fear. Fear no one would show up. Fear someone would show up. Fear my voice would shake like it sometimes had during my public speaking class last semester. Fear, fear, fear. I felt more […]

Too much self-control?

Not many years ago I was dangerously reactive. Hyper-aware and hyper-sensitive, I had little control over my reactions, especially in emotional moments. I would sob without choice and explode in fits of temper. Much has changed since then, and I am grateful. However, I’ve recently noticed a different problem. I’ve contained my anger so much […]

Go From Rut To Rebound

We’ve all fallen into a rut at one time or another. Whether the days drag by with the same old routine or the weeks fly by in a flurry of frantic activity, you suddenly realize it has been a long time since there has been any meaningful movement in your life. Often our first reaction […]