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Cant’ move on? It may be time to “own your stor...

Riddled with resentment? Overtaken by guilt? Drowning in grief? Is there something situation you just can’t seem to get past? You may need to own your story. This begs two questions: “What is my story?” and “How do I own it?” Yes, your story is what happened, but it is more than that. It is […]

Confusing Permanence with Significance

I’ve been going through photos of my childhood. Aside from the stabbing grief associated with my mother and her prognosis, there was another vague, throbbing sadness as I turned the pages. As I relived moments both sublime and profoundly sad, and stared at the faces of souls long departed and friends long forgotten the impermanence […]

Seeing My Personality As A Gift

There was a time when if I saw my personality as a gift, it was surely a tragic gift. Much of my life thus far has been an unfortunate testament how emotional intensity and impulsivity can destroy relationships and careers. Although my relationships have been more stable in the last several years, at one time […]