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Meet Susan


Five years ago I was a vastly different person than I am today.

I was a seething pit of rage. I was over-committed to a job that, although once promising and interesting, had degenerated into a professional dead end and an emotional war zone. I was in a constant tug of war between work and family and was falling short in every area. I despised myself and my life.

Then one day, in the most unexpected place and way, I had the sudden realization that things could go on like this for years… if I allowed them to. Indeed they already had. That was a hard thought.

I knew I was no longer satisfied with merely surviving in my unfulfilling life.

Rather than propel me deeper into depression, I was overcome with hope of a quality I find difficult to describe. I suddenly knew I was meant to thrive in a life I love. It was time for real changes.

Knowledge + Action = Transformation

I abruptly left my job of fourteen years and set out to heal and to create a new life.

I went from being a single mother of a preschooler with a demanding job to being unemployed and having my son in school full time. While money was sparse, time was abundant. It was also precious. I discovered a woman within whom I’d not known before. She loves photography and relishes time alone in the woods. She is passionate, creative, playful and resilient.

While I never doubted that my decision was the right one for me, most of those around me were less convinced. Still, every once in a while there would be a brave soul calling out the courage in me and encouraging to seek my best life, not anyone else’s.

When I left my previous position I knew it wasn’t a new job, or even a new career that I needed, but a new vocation.

I decided to devote my life and new career to passing on the encouragement, wisdom and hope I’ve received from others and assist people in discovering and achieving their dreams. I soon discovered the Coaching for Transformation program and knew coaching was a perfect fit.

ltw_logoI received my certification in 2014 through Leadership That Works‘ Coaching For Transformation training program. This Personal and Professional Coaching training is at the forefront of coaching training and offers a concentration in holistic coaching. The course includes an extensive 140 hours of training in techniques to create lasting, effective change in others. Skills covered include deep listening, exploring needs and values, embracing the shadow, experiencing the moment, expanding the view, vision & strategy.

The course blends instruction with practical experience, requiring mentor coaching and practice coaching in addition to the in-class training.

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